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Aug. 31, 2017

A Great Opportunity for Canadians

For many years Canadians have found the Coachella Valley to be a sensible escape from the harsh winters in Canada.  Although there are no valid statistics available it is widely believed that the snowbird Canadians, represent a population of more than 14%.  It is not unusual to hear the “eh” and the Canadian accent at restaurants, golf courses and hiking trails throughout the valley.  When the winter nights get cooler the full time US residents see folks in tee shirts and shorts and say “there goes a Canadian”.  Our Canadian friends seem to find each other to discuss the latest hockey trade.  Our local newspaper has a weekly column devoted to Canadian news.  Airlines offer direct flights, so commuting is easy.

An attractive mix of real estate market-related factors and timely U.S. economic conditions continue to create financial opportunity for Canadians wanting to buy.  Property taxes are 1.25 percent of the final sales price, with the total divided into 2 payments. Property taxes can be factored into the loan if desired.  There are no Goods and Services tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Canadian homebuyers don’t need a US passport.  Please remember to work with a licensed Realtor to help you handle forms needed when a property offer is made.  If you are purchasing an income property that you plan to lease, you will need a US Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from the US IRS. You will need this number to report income generated from the rental of your property.  As a foreign national there is a 10 percent withholding in escrow for a 1-year period, refunded at the end after every part of the transaction is completed.   Canadians who rent in Canada may be entitled to a capital gains exemption if they designate their US property as principal residence.  This would make any profit earned when the real estate is sold exempt from Canadian, but not US, tax.

Please consult a Certified Public Accountant to discuss your current situation and any issues to look out for during the home buying process.

Canadians Are Taking Advantage Of:

  • Low home prices – still down significantly from the real estate explosion years 2004 - 2007.
  • The highest level of property inventory since 2012, which includes a wide range of properties in an assortment of price ranges.
  • Historically low interest rates – please contact to connect with a local lender.
  • No REALTOR® fees - the Seller pays the commission.
  • A variety of ways to structure ownership for tax and estate planning.
  • Low property taxes – 1.25 % of the cost of the home.
  • Strong rental market for property owners desiring to lease their property.
  • Steady currency exchange rates with straightforward purchase process.

Please contact us for more information and guidance on buying and selling a home in our lovely valley.

David Portner – Toronto, Ontario

Ross Meredith – Victoria, British Columbia

Chris Hunter – Vancouver, British Columbia

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Aug. 28, 2017

The Differences in Fee Simple Land vs Indian Lease Land – 2 Minute Read with Checkerboard Coachella Valley Map Showing Land Locations.

52,000 acres were deeded in trust by the U.S Government to the Agua Caliente Indians in 1876.  The Southern Pacific Railroad was also given land at this same time to encourage construction of a line.  The tribe received the non-Pacific Railroad owned land.  Some of our finest neighborhoods are on Indian lease land and 6,700 acres lay within the city of Palm Springs.  Over 29,000 residential properties are located on Indian lease land.

Before purchasing a home here, it is important to understand the differences between Indian Lease Land .vs. Fee Simple Land.  With Fee Simple - you own the land, this is what most people are familiar with.  With Indian Lease - you lease the land upon which your home sits and you make monthly lease payments to the BIA (Bureau Indian Affairs).

The main advantage of Indian lease land is that you can buy a home for up to 15 - 30% less, than on fee simple land.  This is because you are only buying the home and not the land!  With Indian lease land the homeowner gets the use of the land without the capital expense – and can afford a far more lavish home for less money.

Most leases still have numerous years left.  They are usually renewed long before they are close to expiration.  Leases usually run around $1,200 – $5,000 a year.  All depends on the property location, with most payments due monthly.  Also several leases have built in escalation clauses while others use the CPI Index.  Most leases limit the increases to 15% over a 5 year period.  Leases are normally adjusted every 5 years in 5 year increments. 

4 very important things to keep in mind:

  • Lease Term – What is the length of the lease period – varies by property.
  • Lease Rent – The amount paid for use of the land.
  • Fixed Period – The time period in which the lease amount is locked in.
  • Expiration Date – The date the lease ends.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the value of my home climb faster if I own the land?
  • Answer – Many factors determine resale values.  All recent figures indicate that sales on leased land have climbed at close to the same percentage as fee simple, in our local cities.
  • Can I pass a leasehold estate home to my children or spouse. 
  • Answer – Yes, you can give or sell your home on leased land just as easily as on fee land.

Lenders are somewhat hesitant to grant mortgages, unless the lease on which the house stands has a lease term of 5 years longer than the term of the mortgage loan.  Meaning a 35 year lease is required for a 30 year mortgage loan.  Or a 20 year lease for a 15 year loan.  If you are purchasing a home on Lease Land and require a mortgage loan, it is crucial that you obtain your loan locally with lenders familiar with the terms/conditions of Lease Land contracts.  Working with a lender who is unfamiliar with this will cause extensive delays and expenses during the escrow process.  Our company works with a few of the best in town so please contact us.

Land Status Web App
Click on Map for Coachella Valley Indian Leased/Fee Simple Land Locations

We love helping and answering any real estate question.  Various people have inconsistent stories regarding owning leased land, that’s where we come in.  With our expert guidance, research, information and experience, you will feel secure and comfortable with the end decision.

For more information on Indian Lease Land please read this article -  A history of Indian Lease Land.

Before you get into a transaction on Indian lease land, you should read and review all contracts, leases and information about the specific lease as all leases are unique. We recommend you consult with your accountant, attorney and tax advisor prior to making any purchases on lease or fee simple land.

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Aug. 27, 2017

Public Desert Golf Course and Utility Company Information/Contact List

Read about public desert golf course choices as well as local utilities.The Coachella Valley is known as the golf capital of the world. With more than 300 golf courses, many near beautiful Rancho Mirage real estate, it’s a well-deserved title. There’s something so satisfying about a desert golf course. The contrast between verdant green of the turf with the austere beauty of the desert and mountains is stunning. We’ve assembled a list of the best desert golf course options around the area. These are all public courses, and many have been designed by the top golf course designers in the country. 

Rancho Mirage

The Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort | 71501 Dinah Shore Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 | 760.328.3198 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Pete Dye/David Pfaff; Est. 1987 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

Rancho Las Palmas Country Club | 42000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 | 760.862.4551 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Ted Robinson, Sr.; Est. 1977 | Number of Holes: 27 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $100 to $125

Palm Desert

Desert Falls Country Club | 1111 Desert Falls Parkway, Palm Desert, CA 92260 | 760.340.4653 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Ronald Fream; Est. 1984 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $25 to $39 | Winter Rates: $95 to $130

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort | 74855 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260 | 760.341.1756 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Ted Robinson; Est. 1987 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $150+

Desert Willow Golf Resort | 38995 Desert Willow Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260 | 760.346.7060 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Michael Hurdzan/John Cook; Est. 1997 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

Mountain Vista Golf Club at Sun City | 38180 Del Webb Boulevard, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.200.2200 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Billy Casper/Greg Nash; Est. 1999-2001 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $50 to $74

Oasis Country Club | 42330 Casbah Way, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.345.2715 | Course Type: Executive | Course Architect: David Rainville; Est. 1985 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $25 to $34 | Winter Rates: $50 to $74

Palm Desert Country Club | 77200 California Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.345.2525 | Course Type: Regulation & Executive | Course Architect: Billy Bell, Sr. | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $49 or less

Palm Desert Resort Country Club | 77333 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.345.2781 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Joe Mullenaux; Est. 1980 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Shadow Ridge Resort – Marriott | 9003 Shadow Ridge Road, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.674.2700 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Nick Faldo; Est. 2000 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $150+

Suncrest Country Club | 73450 Country Club Drive Palm Desert, CA 92260 | 760.340.2467 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Richard Watson, Est. 1980 | Number of Holes: 9 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $49 or less

Woodhaven Country Club | 41555 Woodhaven Drive East, Palm Desert, CA 92211 | 760.345.7513 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Harold Heers, Sr.; Est. 1983 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Indian Wells

Indian Wells Golf Resort | 44500 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA 92210 | 760.346.4653 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Ted Robinson, Sr./John Fought; Est. 1986/2007 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

La Quinta

La Quinta Resort & Club | 50200 Avenida Vista Bonita, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.564.7610 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Pete Dye; Est. 1980 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $150

Palm Royale Country Club | 78259 Indigo Drive, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.345.9701 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Ted Robinson; Est. 1985 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $49 or less

PGA West – Norman | 81405 Kingston Heath, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.564.3900 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Greg Norman; Est. 2000 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

PGA West – TPC Stadium | 56150 PGA Boulevard, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.564.7170 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Pete Dye; Est. 1986 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

SilverRock Resort | 79179 Ahmanson Lane, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.777.8884 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Arnold Palmer; Est. 2005 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $75 to $99 | Winter Rates: $150+

Trilogy Golf Club | 60151 Trilogy Parkway, La Quinta, CA 92253 | 760.771.0707 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Gary Panks; Est. 2002 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $125


Eagle Falls Golf Course | 84245 Indio Springs Parkway, Indio, CA 92203 | 760.328.5633 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Clive Clark; Est. 2007 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $100 to $150

Heritage Palms Golf Club | 44291 Heritage Palms Drive, Indio, CA 92201 | 760.772.7334 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Arthur Hills; Est. 1996 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $125

Indian Palms Country Club | 48630 Monroe Street, Indio, CA 92201 | 760.347.2326 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Jackie Cochran/Helen Dettweiler; Est. 1948 | Number of Holes: 27 | Summer Rates: $25 to $34 | Winter Rates: $75 to 99

Indian Springs Golf & Country Club | 79940 Westward Ho, Indio, CA 92201 | 760.200.8988 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: John Gurley | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Shadow Hills Golf Club | 80875 Avenue 40, Indio, CA 92203 | 760.200.3375 | Course Type: Regulation | Course Architect: Schmidt-Curley Design Inc.; Est. 2004 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $150

Terra Lago Golf Club | 8400 Terra Lago Parkway, Indio, CA 92203 | 760.775.2000 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Landmark Golf Company/Brian Curley; Est. 1999 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $126 to $149

The Lights at Indio Golf Club | 83040 Avenue 42, Indio, CA 92201 | 760.347.9156 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Larry Hughes; Est. 1966 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $24 or less

Cathedral City

Cimarron Golf Resort | 67603 30th Avenue, Cathedral City, CA 92234 | 760.770.6060 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: John Fought; Est. 1999 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Desert Princess Country Club | 28555 Landau Boulevard, Cathedral City, CA 92234 | 760.322.2280 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: David Rainville; Est. 1985 | Number of Holes: 27 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $100 to $125

Indian Canyons Golf Resort | 1097 E Murray Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.327.6550 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Billy Bell, Sr.; Est. 1964 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $150

Palm Springs

Bel Air Greens | 1001 S El Cielo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.322.6062 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Len Gerkin; Est. 1972 | Number of Holes: 9 | Summer Rates: $24 or less | Winter Rates: $49 or less

Escena Golf Club | 1101 Clubhouse View Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.778.2737 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Jack Nicklaus; Est. 2005 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: Call for rates | Winter Rates: Call for rates

Indian Canyons Golf Resort | 1097 E Murray Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.327.6550 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Billy Bell, Sr.; Est. 1964 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $50 to $74 | Winter Rates: $100 to $150

Mesquite Golf & Country Club | 2700 East Mesquite Avenue, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.323.9377 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Bert Stamps; Est. 1985 | Number of Holes: 18 | Summer Rates: $35 to $49 | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort | 1885 Golf Club Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92264 | 760.328.1005 | Course Type: Regulation | Architect: Billy Bell, Sr.; Est. 1957 | Number of Holes: 36 | Summer Rates: $25 to $34 | Winter Rates: $75 to $99

Get All the Services Going at Rancho Mirage Real Estate with This Handy List


Southern California Edison | 800.990.7788 | http://www.sce.com/

Imperial Irrigation District | 800.303.7756 | http://www.iid.com/


Southern California Gas | 800.427.2200 | http://www.socalgas.com/


Coachella Valley Water District | 760.398.2651 | http://www.cvwd.org/

Desert Water Agency (Palm Springs) | 760.323.4971 | http://www.dwa.org/


Burrtec Waste & Recycling | 760.340.2113 | http://www.burrtec.com/

Palm Springs Disposal | 760.327.1351 | http://www.palmspringsdisposal.com/

Desert Valley Disposal (Desert Hot Springs) | 760.329.5030 | http://www.desertvalleydisposal.com/


Time Warner Cable – Spectrum | 888.892.2253 | http://www.spectrum.com/

Verizon | 888.387.4340 | http://www.verizon.com/

Satellite TV

DirecTV | 888.238.7177 | http://www.directv.com/

Dish Network | 888.333.3474 | http://www.dishnetwork.com/


Time Warner Cable | 760.340.2225 | http://www.timewarnercable.com/

Verizon | 888.483.4000 | http://www.verizon.com/

Other Important Information

Driver License & Auto Registration | 800.777.0133 | http://www.dmv.ca.gov/

Riverside County Voter Registration | 951.486.7200 | http://www.voteinfo.net/

United States Post Office | 800.275.8777 | http://www.usps.com/


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Aug. 27, 2017

Coachella Valley School Information

Discover the many excellent Coachella Valley school choices.Families shopping for Coachella Valley real estate will be pleased to find many excellent schools in the area. From public to private to religious, Coachella Valley school choice runs the whole spectrum of possibilities. You can feel confident that a move to the area will provide your children with solid educational opportunities to prepare for a bright future.

Here are a few highly respected local schools. Be sure to scroll below to get more information about Coachella Valley school choices.

Palm Valley Elementary School This neighborhood school educates children from kindergarten through 6th grade. As part of Coachella Valley Unified School District, the school emphasizes a supportive environment where teachers and students are partners in learning.

King’s Schools For parents looking for academic excellence as well as character training, this is the right place. For 22 years, King’s Schools have been forming and teaching children from preschool through eighth grade.

Cathedral City High School This is a shining public high school in the Palm Springs Unified School District. Students are prepared for college and beyond by the well-rounded curriculum, which engages students in traditional academic subjects, as well as the arts, and emphasizes becoming ethical citizens.

Xavier College Preparatory School A Jesuit college prep high school, Xavier combines rigorous academics with extracurricular activities that allow students to explore a wide range of interests. Xavier also encourages students to engage in community service projects, some of which have taken place in Guatemala and Peru. Most Xavier graduates go on to pursue higher education.

Considering Coachella Valley Real Estate? See the Full List of Schools Below!

Daycare & Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Rancho Mirage

Marywood Palm Valley Preschool | 760-346-1197 | http://www.mwpv.org/

Victory Christian Schools | 760-324-3100 | http://www.victorychristian.org/

Palm Desert

Hope Lutheran Preschool | 760-347-5203 | http://www.hopelutheranpalmdesert.org/

Montessori School of the Desert | 760-773-0984

Morning Stars Learning Program | 760-341-5223

Sacred Heart Preschool | 760-674-3000 | http://www.sacredheartpalmdesert.com/

The Learning Tree Center | 760-345-8100

Tikvah Nursery School | 760-568-9699 | http://www.templesinaipd.org/

Tot Stop Inc | 760-346-6445

Bermuda Dunes

Christian Schools of the Desert | 760-345-2948 | http://www.csod.org/

La Quinta

First School of the Desert | 760-772-2996 | http://www.firstschool.com/

Cathedral City

King’s Schools | 760-324-7381 | http://www.kingsschools.com/

First School of the Desert | 760-321-0090 | http://www.firstschool.com/

Early Works Child Development Center | 760-321-6240

Palm Springs

Creative Beginnings Montessori School | 760-416-6333

Desert Son-Shine | 760-320-9533 | http://www.desertsonshine.org/

First School of the Desert | 760-327-5005 | http://www.firstschool.com/

Montessori School of Palm Springs | 760-323-2502

St. Theresa Preschool | 760-864-9804

Temple Isaiah Early Childhood Learning Center | 760-322-9657 | http://www.templeisaiahps.com/


Private Schools

Rancho Mirage

Marywood Palm Valley | 760-328-0861 | http://www.mwpv.org/

Palm Desert

Sacred Heart Catholic School | 760-346-3513 | http://www.sacredheartpalmdesert.com/

Saint Margaret’s Episcopal School | 760-346-6268 | http://www.stmargarets.org/

Xavier College Preparatory High School | 760-601-3900 | http://www.xavierprep.org/

Bermuda Dunes

Christian Schools of the Desert | 760-345-2848 | http://www.csod.org/

Palm Springs

King’s Schools | 760-324-5464 | http://www.kingsschools.com/

St Theresa School | 760-327-4919 | http://www.stsps.org/


Public Elementary Schools

Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage Elementary School | 760-836-3680 | http://www.stsps.org/home.aspx

Palm Desert

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School | 760-862-4320 | http://www.dsusd.us/

George Washington Elementary School | 760-862-4350 | http://www.dsusd.us/

James E. Carter Elementary School | 760-862-4370 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Ronald Reagan Elementary School | 760-772-0456 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Gerald Ford Elementary School | 760-772-4120 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Bermuda Dunes

James Monroe Elementary School | 760-772-4130 | http://www.dsusd.us/

La Quinta

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School | 760-238-9424 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Harry S. Truman Elementary School | 760-777-4240 | http://www.dsusd.us/

John Adams Elementary School | 760-777-4260 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Amelia Earhart Elementary School | 760-200-3720 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Andrew Jackson Elementary School | 760-775-3830 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Carrillo Rancho Eklementary School | 760-238-9700 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. Academy School | 760-863-1544 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Dwight Eisenhower Elementary School | 760-775-3810 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Herbert Hoover Elementary School | 760-775-3820 | http://www.dsusd.us/

James Madison Elementary School | 760-775-3850 | http://www.dsusd.us/

John F. Kennedy Elementary School | 760-775-3840 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School | 760-863-3680 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Martin Van Buren Elementary School | 760-775-3870 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Mountain Vista Elementary School | 760-775-6888 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School | 760-775-3860 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Cesar Chavez Elementary School | 760-398-2004 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Coral Mountain Acadamey | 760-398-3525 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Palm View Elementary School | 760-398-2861 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Peter Pendleton Elementary School | 760-398-0178 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Valley del sol Elementary School | 760-398-1025 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Valley View Elementary School | 760-398-5101 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Cathedral City

Agua Caliente Elementary School | 760-416-8235 | http://www.psusd.us/

Cathedral City Elementary School | 760-770-8600 | http://www.psusd.us/

Landau Elementary School | 760-770-8600 | http://www.psusd.us/

Rio Vista Elementary School | 760-416-0032 | http://www.psusd.us/

Sunny Sands Elementary School | 760-770-8635 | http://www.psusd.us/

Palm Springs

Cahuilla Elementary School | 760-416-8161 | http://www.psusd.us/

Cielo Vista Elementary School | 760-416-8250 | http://www.psusd.us/

Katherine Finchy Elementary School | 760-416-8190 | http://www.psusd.us/

Vista Del Monte Elementary School | 760-416-8176 | http://www.psusd.us/


Public Middle Schools

Palm Desert

Palm Desert Middle School | 760-862-4320 | http://www.dsusd.us/

La Quinta

Colonel Mitchell Paige | 760-238-9710 | http://www.dsusd.us/

La Quinta Middle School | 760-777-4220 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Indio Middle School | 760-775-3800 | http://www.dsusd.us/

John Glenn Middle School | 760-200-3700 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Thomas Jefferson Middle School | 760-863-3660 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Woodrow Wilson Middle School | 760-775-3880 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Bobby Duke Middle School | 760-398-0139 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Cahuilla Desert Academy | 760-398-0097 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Cathedral City

James Workman Middle School | 760-770-8540 | http://www.psusd.us/

Nellie N. Coffman Middle School | 760-770-8617 | http://www.psusd.us/

Palm Springs Raymond Cree Middle School | 760-416-8283 | http://www.psusd.us/


Public High Schools

Palm Desert

Palm Desert High School | 760-862-4300 | http://www.dsusd.us/

La Quinta

La Quinta High School | 760-772-4150 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Horizon High School | 760-238-9720 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Summit High School | 760-238-9760 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Indio High School | 760-775-3550 | http://www.dsusd.us/

Amistad High School | 760-775-3570 | http://www.dsusd.us/


Adult School | 760-398-6302 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/


Coachella Valley High School | 760-399-5183 | http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/

Cathedral City

Cathedral City High School | 760-770-0100 | http://www.psusd.us/

Palm Springs

Palm Springs High School | 760-778-0400 | http://www.psusd.us/

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Aug. 25, 2017

1031 Exchange Investment Strategy

Read about how a 1031 exchange investment can work for you.When it comes to long-term investment, it’s hard to beat the stability and return of real estate. There’s just one problem, and that’s capital gains taxes. This is the tax you pay on the money you make from selling an investment property. Capital gains taxes can disrupt plans for purchasing a more lucrative property or just trying something new. However, there is a way to defer these taxes called a 1031 exchange investment.

This is how the IRS explains the provision:

“Whenever you sell business or investment property and you have a gain, you generally have to pay tax on the gain at the time of sale. IRC Section 1031 provides an exception and allows you to postpone paying tax on the gain if you reinvest the proceeds in similar property as part of a qualifying like-kind exchange. Gain deferred in a like-kind exchange under IRC Section 1031 is tax-deferred, but it is not tax-free. (IRS, 2008, Para. 1).”

Let’s unpack what this means for a desert valley property investor. This kind of transaction, also called a like-kind exchange, applies only when you buy another investment property after selling the first. The property must be in the United States and must be for investment purposes, meaning it can’t be your residence. However, in some cases, a 1031 exchange can apply for a vacation property or for tenants in common real estate.

Desert Valley Property is a Great Choice for Any Real Estate Investor

There is also a strict time frame for a 1031 exchange investment. The second property must be designated within 45 days of selling the first one. Also, you must close on the property within six months, that is, 180 days.

Finally, keep in mind that this is a tax deferment, not a tax exemption. This means that if the purchase price of the second property is less than the selling price of the first, you will have to pay taxes on the difference, usually as a capital gains tax. When you sell the property for cash, taxes will be due. If you are considering a 1031 exchange, please speak to an accountant or attorney who specializes in this type of transaction.

We’re happy to help investors find great properties in Rancho Mirage and around the Coachella Valley. Give us a call!


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Aug. 25, 2017

8 reasons to live in Rancho Mirage & the Coachella Valley

Find out why you should live in Rancho Mirage.One of Southern California’s hidden gems is the city of Rancho Mirage and the other communities of the Coachella Valley. From the great weather, to music festivals and sporting competitions, to the friendly population and cool architecture, there are tons of reason to choose to live in Rancho Mirage. We’ve put together our top eight!

1. Great weather. The average temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees, and it’s only in the triple digits for the summer. Residents easily beat the heat, since the area is also the swimming pool capital of the country. The sun shines for a fantastic 350 days a year, so there’s plenty of great weather to enjoy the outdoors.

2. So many golf courses. People living in Rancho Mirage homes are blessed with a huge choice of golf courses. There are about 130 of them, so you’re sure to find several that provide the right combination of challenging course and beautiful setting to suit your style.

3. Coachella Festival. The music festival, held over consecutive three-day weekends each April, is probably one of the best known events around the country. Performers take to the stages to play rock, hip hop, electronic dance music, and indie. There are also sculptures and art installations. It’s an amazing weekend of music, camping, and art.

4. Stagecoach Music Festival. This is the Coachella Festival’s country music sister. It’s held on the weekend following Coachella. Not only is there a great variety of country, bluegrass, and folk music, the festival is known for delicious food.

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5. BNP Paribas Indian Wells Open. This tennis tournament, held each March, is a major event for both the men’s and women’s tours. The Coachella Valley has been proudly hosting the tournament since 1974.

6. Desert Modernism architecture. As the Coachella Valley began to attract celebrities, including Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope, a desire for a new style of architecture to match the desert climate was born. The peak years of the movement were 1947 to 1957. Because wood could not stand up to the desert sun or the termites, architects were able to experiment with using industrial materials, like steel and concrete.

7. Big city amenities, without the traffic. While many people are moving to live in Rancho Mirage, the area does not feel like a huge metropolitan area. The population is about 350,000 now and is expected to grow to 500,000 by 2020. It’s still very easy to get around, either by car or by bike, using the trails that connect the valley’s cities and neighborhoods.

8. Championship pickleball. The pickleball phenomenon is sweeping the country, and five of the 10 current top players live in the Coachella Valley. The game is played on a court the size of a half tennis court, with either single players competing against each other or pairs. It’s a fun combination of badminton, racquet ball, ping pong, and tennis.

We hope we’ve convinced you to come check out the beautiful Coachella Valley. Contact our office to set up an appointment!


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July 31, 2017

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